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iHydro Romanian engineering at its best

Important iHydro facts:

  • Up to 25% increased efficiency compared to other existent turbines by using uniquely designed mechanism which lowers the underwater drag force
  • Turbine uptime is 95%
  • iHydro generates power from 1 m/s water flow speed (slow rivers)
  • Low investment, high returns
  • Easy to install in remote places where energy is needed
  • Significant lower cost per kWh compared to other renewable energy -production options
  • Almost no civil engineering required
  • The components of the turbine are designed for a 10 year lifetime
  • The versatile construction makes possible the deployment of turbines on horizontal or vertical axis in order to take full advantage of a large array of water stream types including rivers, tides, underwater currents
  • Our turbine is modular, so if it needs repairs, the turbine can be fixed directly underwater, changing small parts. The entire turbine will never be replaced completely, giving you a very low cost maintenance, higher uptime, and fast technical support response. (turbine problems can be fixed in a matter of hours)
  • Available as a micro grid solution, grid connected and hybrid version
  • Expandable system with multiple turbines
  • It can be installed almost in any river or water flow with a minimum of 2 m depth
  • Depending on site characteristics, the turbines can be built from 1.5 to 10 m diameter

Environment friendly

  • No dams
  • No visual impact
  • No obstruction or danger to underwater fauna
  • No negative impact on the natural ecosystem is achieved by not altering the current landscape/li>